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Mixed, rolled, raised and fried overnight, our classic and vegan doughnuts are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. While we have over 60 flavours and counting coming out of the Planet Doughnut bakery, flavours change monthly.


Below you’ll find a small taster of our doughnut range - please remember not all flavours are in our Planet Doughnut stores daily, so always give us a call to check if your favourite is in!

Planet Doughnut Lotus Cream | Lotus Cream Doughnut

White Chocolate Biscoff

Another Planet Doughnut original.  Caramel icing topped with crushed Lotus Biscuit and filled with a decedant salted caramel filling.

Terry's Chocolate Orange Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Terry's Chocolate Orange

Terry's Choc Orange

Chocolate orange icing filled with a tangy orange curd filling, topped with a Terry’s Chocolate Orange slice and decorated with orange curls.

The Homer doughnut | Planet Doughnut the Homer

The Homer

The original G! Our delectable yeast-raised DOH’nut covered in strawberry or raspberry icing and finished with sprinkles.


Retro has arrived in the form of our Caramac doughnut! Evoke a little nostalgia with our signature raised doughnut covered with caramel icing and a creamy toffee centre.

Toffee Crumble Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Toffee Crumble

Mighty Churro

A scrumptious Spanish treat! A cinnamon sugared doughnut, either as a plain ring doughnut or filled with warm Nutella.

lemon blueberry doughnut

Lemon & Blueberry Cream

Our signature yeast-raised doughnut covered in lemon icing, lemon sugar and filled with a sweet blueberry cream cheese frosting.

Jam Filled Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Jam Filled

Cherry Bakewell

A PD classic! Marzipan flavoured icing with a drizzle of flaked almonds and filled with delicious cherry pie filling.

Nutella Hobnob Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Nutella Hobnob

Nutella Hobnob

The best biscuit for dunking in a doughnut filled with Nutella sauce.

Lemon Card Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Lemon Curd

Lemon Filled

Our classic yeast-raised doughnut filled with tangy lemon curd and dusted with icing sugar.

Planet Doughnut Reese's | Reese's Flavoured Doughnut


Our signature yeast-raised doughnut topped with a peanut butter caramel icing, filled with Nutella and decorated with a slice of Reese’s.

Caramel Cookie Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Caramel Cookie

Caramel Cookie

Our signature yeast-raised doughnut dipped in caramel icing with a gooey toffee centre and crunchy cookies for good measure!

Planet Doughnut Brownie | Brownie Flavoured Doughnut

Choc Cherry Cheesecake

Our yeast raised doughnut topped with milk chocolate icing, filled with dark cherry jam and a large helping of cream cheese and brownie slice.

Daim bar doughnut | Planet Doughnut Daim Bar

Daim Bar

Chocolate and caramel icing with a caramel filling and slice of Daim bar for good measure.

Planet Doughnut Kinder Cookie | Kinder Cookie Flavoured Doughnut

Kinder Cookie

Milk and white chocolate with a Kinderella sauce filling and helping of cookies.

Mr Minty Chocolate Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Mint Choc Doughnut

Mr Minty

If you love mint then this doughnut is for you, mint buttercream over milk chocolate icing filled with a variety of mint chocolate bars.

Chocolate Sprinkles Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Chocolate Sprinkles Doughnut

Choc Sprinkle Ring

Keeping it simple with delicious milk chocolate icing and sugar strands.

Planet Doughnut Mango and Raspberry| Mango and Raspberry Flavoured Doughnut

Raspberry & Mango

Mango icing with a raspberry jam filling and buttercream topping.

Strawberry & Cream Hershey's Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Hershey's Doughnut

Strawberry & Cream Hershey's

An American twist to a UK favourite, with strawberry or white chocolate icing topped with buttercream, sprinkles, and slices of moreish Hershey’s chocolate.

Raspberry Ripple Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry icing with a tangy raspberry cream filling and a dash of white chocolate drizzle.

Tiramisu Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Tiramisu


Cappuccino icing drizzled with a chocolate, cacao powder and filled with a dark chocolate cream.

Vegan Caramel Biscuit Doughnut

Toffee Crumble

Caramel icing dipped in biscuit crumb and filled with a sweet toffee sauce.

99! Icecream Doughnut | Planet Doughnut 99!

The 99!

White chocolate icing with a Cornish ice cream buttercream and healthy dash of sprinkles and 99!


A fairytale doughnut. Our yeast-raised doughnut triumphantly transformed with silky chocolate icing, sumptuous white chocolate hazelnut spread, chocolate curls and Kinder Bueno.


Smooth milk chocolate icing drizzled with twirl crumb and topped with an entire Twirl bar.

Jam Filled Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Jam Filled

Jam Filled

Our signature yeast raised doughnut dusted with icing sugar and filled with a mixed fruit jam.

White Chocolate Pecan Doughnut | Planet Doughnut White Chocolate pecan

White Choc Pecan Crunch

Our signature yeast raised dough dipped in white chocolate with a generous helping of candied pecan nuts.

Caramel Biscoff Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Caramel Biscoff

Lotus Biscoff

Another Planet Doughnut original.  Caramel icing topped with crushed Lotus Biscuit and filled with a decedant salted caramel filling.


Strictly limited edition as these bad boys are hard to come by! Delicious caramel icing with caramel sauce, toppings and a whole bar to boot!

Caramel Oreo Cheesecake

Caramel icing dipped in Oreo crumb, filled with caramel sauce and topped with toffee cream cheese.

Chocolate Bomb

A full on chocolate overload! Chocolate icing dipped in chocolate cake and filled with luxury Belgium chocolate.

Key Lime Pie

Delicious white chocolate icing, topped with cream cheese, a biscuit crumb and a tangy lime filling.


Milk chocolate icing topped with crunchie bits and filled with a caramel sauce and cream cheese topping.


Oreo crumb blended with Kinderella sauce and topped with a whole Kinder bar!

Lemon Bomb

Lemon icing dipped in cake crumb with a tangy lemon curd filling.

Old Skool Cake

A school classic reimagined, with classic white icing dipped in cake crumb, topped with sprinkles, and filled with custard.

Red Velvet Kinder

Topped with a red velvet cake crumb and filled with Kinderella.

Toffee Bomb

Caramel icing dipped in toffee cake and marshmallows, drizzled with more caramel icing and a delicious toffee centre.


After many months of hard work, we've perfected a dairy and egg-free recipe using plant-based alternatives! Check out our flavours below, but keep an eye out because we regularly team up with vegan manufacturers to bring new and exciting flavours!

Planet Doughnut Vegan OG Glazed Doughnut

OG Glazed

As simple (but delicious) as it gets! Our signature yeast-raised vegan doughnut with a sweet glaze topping.

Planet Doughnut Cookies n Cream | Cookies n Cream Flavoured Doughnut

Cookies & Cream

Everyone’s favourite American biscuit on a vegan doughnut.

Posh Jam Filled

A delicious strawberry icing over our vegan doughnut base, with extra strawberry drizzle and a mixed fruit jam centre with icing sugar dusting.

Vegan Caramel Biscoff Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Caramel Biscoff

Chocolate Biscoff

Everyone’s favourite caramel biscuit mixed with our delicious vegan chocolate icing.

Posh Lemon Filled

Our fluffy vegan doughnut with a tangy lemon filling and covered in more lemon icing and a dusting of icing sugar.

Vegan Jammie Dodger Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Jammie Dodger

Jammie Dodger

A fan favourite! A fluffy vegan doughnut filled with a luscious strawberry jam, covered in strawberry icing, sprinkled with a biscuit crumb and finished with a Jammie Dodger (of course).

Planet Doughnut Vegan Choc Brownie | Vegan Choc Brownie Flavoured Doughnut

Caramel Brownie

Signature vegan yeast-raised dough, dipped in chocolate icing, filled with gooey vegan caramel and sprinkled with chocolate brownie crumb.

Planet Doughnut Party Ring | Parting Ring Flavoured Doughnut

Planet D Party

There ain't no party like a Planet D party! Our vegan doughnut covered in smooth strawberry or fruits of the forest icing and covered in arty biscuit and sprinkles.

Bourbon Cream Doughnut | Planet Doughnut Bourbon Cream

Bourbon Cream

Our signature yeast-raised vegan doughnut covered in delicious chocolate and topped off with a whole bourbon biscuit.

Vegan Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Glaze | Planet Doughnut Raspberry And Dark Chocolate

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Glaze

A light but tangy raspberry glaze with a dark chocolate centre. Definitely one of your 5 a day.

Planet Doughnut Glazed Jam | Glazed Jam Flavoured Doughnut

Lemon and Raspberry Cake

Want a healthier doughnut?  This light lemon glaze accompanied by a tangy raspberry jam is to die for.

Strawberry Smitten Kitten

Our signature yeast-raised dough topped with strawberry icing, dipped in sugar and topped with a Candy Kitten treat.

Mango & Coconut

Our signature yeast-raised doughnut dipped in white chocolate icing, topped with real coconut pieces and filled with sweet mango.

Handcrafted milkshakes | £4.25


Oreos blended with vanilla ice cream and white chocolate and then topped with Oreo crumb and whipped cream.


Strawberries blended with ice cream and strawberry syrup and then topped with whipped cream.


A smooth and refreshing thick shake in delicious mint chocolate chip flavour.


Everyone’s favourite caramel biscuit blended into a shake.


Our classic vanilla thick shake


Putting a tangy twist into a shake


Banana thick shake – Boom!

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee

Our speciality coffee is available over ice or blended. You won't find a more refreshing and tasty coffee!

Iced Tea

Choose from flavoursome Lemon & Ginger or refreshing Rhubarb & Custard.


With a variety of fruity flavours available, our smoothies are simply delicious!

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When you visit us in one of our Planet Doughnut stores, you’ll be greeted with a smile whilst you choose from our freshly made doughnuts, handcrafted thick shakes, artisan tea and locally roasted coffee!

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