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We’ve teamed up with Food Review Club to make this classic box of Matt’s favourite doughnuts.  With throwbacks to his childhood and of course an obligatory Matt doughnut! Remember to check out FRC for an exclusive discount code before you buy the box.

  • 1 x Powdered Sugar Lemon Filled
  • 1 x Powdered Sugar Jam filled
  • 1 x Boston Crème (Chocolate topped doughnut filled with custard)
  • 1 x Chocolate Overload (Chocolate crème filling dipped in chocolate and bourbon crumb)
  • 1 x Strawberry Bomber (Strawberry filled and topped with strawberry icing and strawberry curls)
  • 1 x Matt! – White chocolate dipped in Biscoff and bourbon*

Please note due to the gummy teeth containing pork gelatine Matt is not vegetarian (But checking out his content we knew that anyway)

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Delivery Information

We now use DPD to courier deliver our doughnuts and merchandise. We make the doughnuts on the same day they are picked up, so they are delivered to you next day.  We cannot be held responsible for delays once the goods have left our bakery, but we are always happy to help if you have any issues.

The price of our nationwide delivery doughnuts now includes the bespoke box they are delivered in, the additional information in the boxes, time taken to prepare the more complex boxes and the cost of DPD delivery.  Please note that there is an additional charge for Saturday deliveries that will be applied at the checkout. A portion of these charges are charged VAT at 20%.

You will receive tracking information via email and text which you can track with DPD.

Every box leaves our bakery in perfect condition, but transit may sometimes mean they are turned upside down.  We’ve tried to protect them as best as we can can and hope they arrive pristine, but sometimes they will arrive slightly damaged.  This is out of our control but they will still be just as yummy and we hope you understand.  But if they arrive like they’ve been strapped to a Lion harassed Wildebeest for a week then get in touch straight away and we will sort something out.

If your delivery date has passed and you’ve still not received your order, or if you’re missing items or not happy with something, please contact us within 24 hours of your order due or delivery.  Please ensure to include your order number (found on the packing slip or your order confirmation) and a photo of any incorrect or damaged items.


Allergen Information

We produce all of our doughnuts in a bakery which we own and operate. This bakery uses peanuts and other nuts in some of our products. We have controls within our bakery that separate nuts and peanuts from other ingredients and limit the ability for contamination. However, given we handmake an unsealed product, we cannot guarantee that our doughnuts have zero contact with peanuts or nuts.

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